Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunshine’s Doll House (part 3)….

So I gathered, my tools and made the best guess on the paint color for the house. I was glad to start because it gave me something to occupy my time.

The frame assembled together easily, but I quickly realized that I needed to find a solution to keeping the house square without the use of clamps. My solution was to put the front of the house on as fast as possible. I pushed my work desk against the apartment wall then taped the corners and sides together to hold them fast. I applied heavy books on the top and sides to help seal the seams between the levels and the front.

After sitting overnight, I took the house outside for the painting. I applied a white primer coat in an attempt to lighten the blue color I had chosen. The primer coat went on fine as did the blue finishing coat. 

The next jobs to complete would be all the windows, the front door and the roof with the shingles.

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