Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Federalist Papers

Today, 223 years ago Federalist Paper #1 was published for the benefit of enlightening the American public as to the purpose and limits of the new Constitution.

It took Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay 85 essays to describe the features of the new centralized government and how it would protect or rights as citizens. It is interesting to note that the detractors of the new Federal Constitution, the so called Anti-Federalists, were fearful of the government assuming to much power and controlling the people.

The best source on the Anti-Federalist position is edited by Herbert J. Storing, The Complete Anti-Federalist.  The Federalist Papers have been reprinted and can be found published by numerous companies.  The web book seller, Liberty Fund, has a wonderful collection of books for sale on topics covering government and our nation's founding.

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